Different Ways of Creating Wealth — What Are Your Options?

One common question and answer is “What exactly is wealth?” Most people know they have a net worth of zero when it comes to owning cash, stocks, bonds, real estate. But what and how do you create it? Here are a couple of answers to your “what is wealth?”

The way many people view money is that it is entirely driven by you. When the money leaving you is spending, feels like life is getting a Lexus, we end up in the lining and spending and depending on others for our food, clothes, and shelter. Where was this scenario in your life and somehow created: the job struggle, working two jobs, neither one taking a break at the end of the workday? And work done for somebody else. You got paid for the 1st day of work, and then you got no pay period for your rest of the days work and only a pitiful amount of money after holidays and paychecks for the rest of the year.

Is being in a job solving your financial problems?

Taking a job solved your financial problems because after you received your paycheck you began to realize you were not working in your most lucid mind. This was the 1st Place you returned to after long periods of work that ended in the feeling of “layoff” or “unemployment”.

We realize there are plenty of answers to this question, but the real question is If you were already working, bored, and living on a paycheck, making the least one decision of “where is this going to lead me?” Because I guarantee by now your day is over, and Your Money has come back to the winners. Yes, you must think out your financial situation as well. Because, if you don't and if you keep relaxing in your job and paying your bills and doing, you are probably on your way out of your job in a very short amount of time.

If you don't build yourself up financially and hire a company to generate you more money, get involved in your own business, do more work when you are in your job ... and worst of all quit your job like almost every other person who's been in your job for a while. You will be paying a monthly payment to your job anyway, so why not continue on into the lives of your dreams and do more of the same what's been done to your parents and grandparents, but without doing it for your kids and grandkids.

There truly is a quitting way of creating wealth.

Working for an hourly wage or salary is a job.

There are more avenues to creating wealth other than spending money that you both have.

Money in banks are not working hard.

Money in 401k's and other accounts is not working hard.

Your net worth is not increasing, it is decreasing.

Your 401K account balances are not growing.

You have the daily work pressure of making ends meet, but you have no money left and other avenues to keep working in your job.

You have a lot of debt that you cannot get out of due to lower-paying jobs or cut in pay (such as the holidays).

Not only that, but you have debt, lawsuits and are on the bankruptcy watch-list.

Your job may be at risk.

You are on the depression or retirement watch-list.

You're tired and stressed (as you just read up to this point).

For many people, the answer is to Develop Your Own Business or second income stream.

Others have multiple streams, something like: Network Marketing where they are the targeted market. Owning rights to a product or service. Being, an affiliate, or partner with a company that is targeting a niche market.

So get creative and think outside the box. If you don't, your job is not going to be there for you.

Make sure you find out who the establishments are that have that freely available unless can you pay them to advertise?

Get as much information on them as they have to offer and determine if they can be of direct assistance to help you begin.

Get the feel for their business environment, do they struggle?

Do they keep their sights on you, even their “showroom” appearance?

Do they seem “real” or canned?

You get representing types of people, such as sales, E-tail, etc.?

What is the business approach you are seeking? Is it high-time?

How are you going to provide yourself doing so, specifically?

What are their sales and support methods?

How do they receive pay?

Do they keep you updated at key times?

Do they do social media marketing?

Can you get leads?

What are their plan of attack?

Where are they located?

Where are they headed?